“Just because you’re grown up and then some, doesn’t mean settling into the doldrums of predictability. Surprise people. Surprise yourself.” 

-Victoria Moran

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We offer a range of speakers to suit any budget or agenda. Love of Aging speakers deliver decades of expertise plus genuine enthusiasm for the topics we are covering. Contact us for more information about our presenters, speaking topics, and how you can add a splash of Love of Aging to your next meeting, conference or event.

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We are available to present at your events, retreats, and conferences. Candace, Mo and Liz bring decades of speaking and experience plus genuine enthusiasm for teaching and inspiring audiences of all sizes.

Topics include:

Candace Shivers

    • Age and the City: What’s Attitude Got to Do With It?
    • Bringing Happy to the Party
    • Put the Fun Back In Aging
    • Loving Aging...TOGETHER!
    • Aging--Mind Over Matter

Liz Dietz

    • What’s On Your Bucket List? Discovering Your Passions
    • Making a Difference - Discovering Your Unique Ability to Contribute
    • Is Living in Another Country For You?

Maureen Charles

    • Storytelling that Inspires Action
    • The Kids Are Alright: Communicating Across the Generational Divide
    • I Want to Write a Children's Book: Where Do I Start?

Where You Can Meet Us

Upcoming Engagements: 

Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, District 6, Service Area Leadership Team Presentation for National Mental Health Awareness Month, May 19, 2022

  • Candace Shivers: Age and the City: What's Attitude Got to Do With It?


Workshop at The Conference for Global Transformation, May 21st,  2022.

  • Maureen Charles (and Ana Krista Johnson): The Power of Storytelling: Using Viewpoint to Evolve Vision


Past Engagements:

Global Celebration of Aging

    • Hosted by Candace Shivers,  Maureen Charles, and Liz Dietz and Co-Sponsored with WISE & Healthy Aging, August 2021

UCLA Health 50+ Conference

    • Candace Shivers: Age and the City: What's Attitude Got to Do With It? April 2019

WISE & Healthy Aging (Santa Monica, CA, non-profit)

    • Candace Shivers: Win the Morning, Win the Day, September 2020
    • Candace Shivers: Aging--Mind Over Matter, February 2021
    • Candace Shivers: That's What Friends Are For, December 2021

Conference for Global Transtormation Closing Session Keynote

    • Candace Shivers (and Lily Starr): The Best Is Yet to Come, May 2021

Workshops and poster sessions at The Conference for Global Transformation:

    • Liz Dietz and Candace Shivers: The Gifts of Aging: Courage, Curiosity, and the Freedom to GO FOR IT!  2021
    • VIDEO POSTER: Maureen Charles, Candace Shivers, Liz Dietz (and Marcus Bell): My Time Is Now; A Musical Celebration of Aging, 2021
    • Maureen Charles (and Ana Krista Johnson): Storytelling as an Access in Registering Accomplishment, 2021
    • Liz Dietz and Candace Shivers: Age and The City: What's Attitude Got to Do With It? 2020
    • Maureen Charles (and Ana Krista Johnson): Storytelling: The Art of Altering the Discourse, 2020
    • VIDEO POSTER: Candace Shivers, Liz Dietz (and Meaghan Miller Lopez): Aging: Say Something New That Has Never Been Said Before, 2020

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